About us

Let us give you answers in 5 W’s and 1 H.


We are a group of three best friends turned into business partners. We call ourselves the backpackers because one day you find us in our hometown and next moment we would be somewhere in the hills.


We travel, travel and only travel. When we are not traveling, we are planning your travel.


Travelling brings our senses back to us. No diet and water can give a detox, the way traveling gives us. Travelling makes me see what I want to see. And be what I want to be.
We want to make traveling experiences and memories for a lifetime to all our fellow travelers.


Well, we can’t tell you what your travel destination would be. But we can tell you, from where we operate. Weekend Refuge is based out of Delhi and making traveling exciting for all those travel lovers across the nation


We had been planning this for years and Weekend came to life in 2018!


It was yet another promise made over drinks, which we kept it and brought to life. It involved months and months of rigorous research, some fights and truckloads of love. We wanted to share the best experience with our travel buddies and hence the places that we suggest have been visited by one of us or our travel experts.

We all believe in, Travelling is life; life is traveling!